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When I hit 40 my body changed almost overnight!?

I lost the weight, healed my pain and kept it off following these 7 hidden truths

Do you want to burn fat after 40 yrs of age?? Don’t make these 7 mistakes!

I’m John dePass.? Professional trainer and weight-loss expert for 30 years.? I’ve condensed my lifetime of experience and my world class coaching program down to 7 basic principles I had to lose my weight and get control of my life back.

Get in my video message below the 7 naked truth’s I needed to know and now I teach to all my clients, family and friends.

Get 7 ideas & beliefs & behaviors to know, avoid, understand and apply in our lives to start living with your passion again!

When I hit 40 years of age my body was already showing the telltale signs of the aging process.? I was gaining weight.? Specifically, in my belly (just like my father did). I had aches and pains appearing more commonly and more aggressively.? I had digestive issues, insomnia, acne, and a lifetime of athlete’s foot. This was very disturbing for me as I had lived my entire life as a coach and world class competitive athlete.

Friends, family and the typical mainstream consensus interpretation of me was that these things were normal.? I was told to accept that this was “old age.”? This was just my metabolism slowing down with age.? Weight gain and pain were just aspects of life I needed to stop fighting.? I did not accept this.? I knew that something was wrong with me. My discomfort I now accept, was exactly what I needed to inspire me.

Now I understand that the discomfort I was experiencing was perfect. It kept me searching. It made me hungry for the answers I would eventually find. The 7 hidden secrets about fat-loss & pain relief over 40 yrs of age.

@ 40 I was on the typical recommendations from my family doctor for an acidic digestive system and sleeping pills.? I was 40 pounds heavier and unhappy with myself.? Something so contradictory to my career as a professional trainer. My deteriorating health and well-being were only the beginning. My discouraging relationships with my wife, my children, my career and my financial situation I eventually came to understand were just a reflection of what was wrong with my health which was all tied up in my self-worth.

I tried all the potions and pills my Natural-path recommended.

I tried all the mutually accepted diet plans.

I cut the carbs and the sugars and processed foods.

I ate the protein and the vegetables.

I exercised regularly and I thought I was really doing what was the best for myself but I was losing the battle with life.

I was addicted to coffee, marijuana, processed foods anabolic drugs and stimulants and I was gaining weight.

I was an international level body builder my entire life.? I knew how to get lean and strong.? I was always able to manage my health and condition my entire life with exercise and nutrition. I was puzzled by the change in my body, in my weight, in my health, in my well-being and in my happiness.

Watch my video message below to see the 7 life principles you must understand to stop gaining weight and turn back your joy and happiness in your life:

When I hit 40 something changed in my body.? In my life…

Something hit a climax in my life at 40 years old that tipped the scale of health out balance and out of my favor in all aspects of my life.?I couldn’t understand why these things were happening to me. The issues were manifesting as a loss of joy, playfulness, inspiration and success in every aspect of my life.? I had already been a personal trainer. Already over 20 years by that point and I was truly puzzled by the changes in my body.? I was a scientist.

A kinesiologist with a minor in psychology.? I was an anatomy teacher, a nutrition teacher, a physical education teacher and a Mr. universe competitor.

What was wrong with me?

What was wrong with my life?

What happened?

What changed?


And most importantly how do I rescue it and resuscitate it?

I know you’ve heard the verse:? “Seek and you shall find…”? The body-fat, the physical pain, the relationship pain, the financial pain, the emptiness, loneliness, addicted, anxious and depressed bits of me and my life were the catalyst for me to seek.? The motivation for me to succeed and part of me I would eventually have to shine my light upon to achieve my freedom and ultra lean body I own now at 50.

Now I have lost 40 pounds and keep it off without spending all day in the gym like I used.? I also have drastically changed my diet. Now my pain is gone.? I do yoga now.? Along with short full-body, core strengthening workouts.? My sleep is great. My digestion is ideal.? My mind is clear and my mood is growing steadily to embrace more and more of myself and my life!

Now I love me.? Now I love myself.? Now I love my life!? Get my 7 life hacks in this webinar link posted below:

I have overcome all the incorrect exercise science, biology and nutritional science ideas that I learned in school and shared with clients for over 20 years as a personal trainer and weight-loss coach.? I turned around my lack of wellness by breaking the stereotypical advice that was holding me trapped and maintains the pop culture in a less than optimal existence with life.

The over 40 body is different.? It’s gaining fat, it’s sluggish and it has lost it’s motivation.? This is not life. Life has been stolen from us. Half my life was gone and I was just awakening to the truth that has our entire planet getting, fat, sick and nearly dead, well before our time.? Every known diagnosed disease on our planet is on the rise even though we have way more science, medicine and nutritional guidance than in any other time known to mankind.

Science is broken, our world health is broken, our spirit is broken and each one of us must wake up in order take back control of our lives.? We are the creators of our reality.? No one is to blame for what is gone wrong in our lives.? Each one of ushad free will.? Each one of us chose comfort in each moment.? This is the single truth that carried me and each one of us to learn to choose our own demise.? To restore my greatness, I had to stand the broken pillars of our society on their ends.

The over 40-year-old body is not getting old.? It’s getting acidic.? It needs to be alkalized.? It needs detoxification.? You can learn how to lose the weight and keep it off for good this time. You can restore your strength; you can overcome your pain.? You can fix and heal your relationships and you can step into your abundance.? I found a way out of the matrix.? It’s a rabbit whole but you can do this.

Every single one of us can do this…

Learn how to do this in the video message below:

Armed with exercise, nutrition modification and 7 new ideas that are made visible in the video message above you can make sense of what has happened to you and your health and wellness.

I’m john dePass.

I’ve been helping people lose weight for 30 years now!

I have watched, supported and learned from personal observation of hundreds of hands on weight-loss cases for a lifetime.

I have done over 40 000 personal training sessions in my life.

I have a private personal training studio in my home.

I help people face to face in my own facility or I help them in the comforts of their own home on-line.

i am a weight loss expert.

I have created a system and method that will guarantee weight-loss and personal success for you..

All you must do is plug into it to win.

In my video message below I have boiled my life experience and natural holistic health program down to 7 ideas that are standing in the way of you losing your weight and creating any other change you want to in your life.

Check out that video message below and leave me a comment, personal message or reply to this email to open some communication and begin losing weight fast!


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